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Where has the time gone?, by James posted on 01 November, 2013
Future of DFM (or lack there of), by James posted on 24 September, 2012
2012 plans, by James posted on 24 January, 2012
24H Le Mans, by James posted on 27 May, 2011
Robert Kubica seriously injured in rally crash in Italy, by James posted on 06 February, 2011



Welcome to Motorsports
Home of the F1RL Red Bull Germany F1 Team
Home of the DF Motorsports Endurance Racing Team and


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Where has the time gone?

November 01, 2013, 05:45:20 AM by James.

Wow just noticed it been over a year since I had posted something. Well, I've been racing on and off but nothing serious. I had lined up a seat with my friends at AllStar Racing but they decided to pull their involvement on the endurance series I was going to be the 3rd driver for.

Ah well, always leaves the door open for other opportunities. I might be putting together a run at the 24H of Le Mans again, hoping to get a mostly American team together. Plenty of time to get it done, more to come as we get closer (maybe we'll do the 24H of Daytona as a warm up). Until next time!


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Future of DFM (or lack there of)

September 24, 2012, 12:57:53 PM by James.

Hi All! Life has kept me busy lately and I have not had time to update the site or race :( DFM has completely pulled out of all series and championships for 2012 and we currently don't have plans for any full time driving. We are looking at putting a team together for a 12 or 24 hour race for fun.

Sorry for the lack of updates but like I said life comes first and I just don't have the time anymore to keep racing in the series that we were in. Hopefully next year we can line up something, but in the mean time iRacing it is! If you're on iRacing look me up!


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2012 plans

January 24, 2012, 02:46:16 PM by James.

Sorry all, it's been a busy past 6 months or so but DFM is fully back into the swing of things.

So, for ( I've teamed up with German Ray Lexes which this is his first season with F1RL. He's proven to be super quick and great at setups.

We'll be pushing for podiums, the mod really fits my style well. My qualifying efforts might not be that great but the consistency over the course of the race should prove to score some great points this year.

So far traction control is disabled and ABS might be next but we won't know until the final preseason tests are complete.

With KERS and DRS enabled it should be a lot of fun and provide some exciting racing for everyone.

Once we have some more information we'll be posting it, we're currently working on a deal to put together a 24 Le Mans team and going after the podium again this year. Finishing 2nd and 3rd a total of 4 times makes that elusive win turn more bitter by the year.

Hope everyone has an awesome 2012 racing season!

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24H Le Mans

May 27, 2011, 11:10:01 PM by James.

I won't be racing this year due to the US Holiday weekend and F1 commitment on Sunday.. But I will be in the booth with Dominik Hartig providing commentary for the English live stream in HD.

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Robert Kubica seriously injured in rally crash in Italy

February 06, 2011, 12:49:52 PM by James.

Kubica is currently in surgery for multiple fractures in his right hand/arm and leg. The rally car he was driving went through a guard rail and ripped off the front of the car. Latest was they were trying to repair the muscles in his right hand and that his driving career could possibly be over. Let's hope it's not and that he's back on the F1 grid soon.

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Happy New Year!

January 02, 2011, 12:24:38 AM by James.

Can't say I'm not sad to see 2010 go! I hope this year will bring a lot more competitiveness out in me. I'll only be racing in F1 this year so I can dedicate time to 1 series only. The new mod for was released and I'm quite happy so far with it, I'm running very competitive times and quicker than a lot of the pace setters... so as long as the momentum keeps up I'll be happy at Bahrain come race day!

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Oh October how i hate you!

October 09, 2010, 12:08:32 AM by James.

October, the month that is the beginning of the end! As all of the racing series start to finish up and most of the big races of the year have been completed the off season silly season draws near.

An F1 season that started out strong took a dive shortly after that when I had no choice but to miss several races due to personal commitments, but hey we all have those. So the push for a good finish in the standings were thought to be over.... but then the wind was back in the sails with the release of the new physics! P3 in a test race i could have won easily, and then a start from P26 (2nd to last) and drove through the field to finish P6... oh but wait... we're switching back to the old mod, bummer really because the mod fit my driving style perfect!! So with that almost perfect drive thrown away and the race to be re-run later in the year my motivation has waned for the year at a good strong finish.. regardless the tracks coming up have typically been good to me i doubt i could put the time in needed to get the finishes i need to be happy with the season...

The last bang for the year will be the 24H Nordschliefe race and maybe the 12H of Le Mans mini race over at

Other than that my mind is off racing for now with many other things going on in my personal life to keep me busy, not to mention my new job that's completely consumed me.. finally left the other company and took a large step forward!

all and all this is more of a rant than a news update, i don't blog so here's my blog for the year i guess lol.

Take care all! keep on braking late and accelerating early!

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News update for September

September 24, 2010, 12:57:45 PM by James.

Wow just noticed I haven't posted anything in a while!

:::Endurance Racing:::
R2D2 Racing finished P4 overall at the 24H Le Mans!
R2D2 Racing is now heading into the 24H Nordschliefe race with 2 teams! Our hopes are high as the car I am in has 3 Americans and 1 German, with our other car being all Germans. We have a stout driver line up that has the potential to win it all!

:::Formula 1:::
It's been a rough season as I have only started about 1/2 the races. But, with the changes to the mod we're using it fits my driving style more. I ran P3 in a test race and then at Monza i started 26th and finished 6th! The tide has changed and i'm one happy driver!

:::Other News:::
Nothing much else going on, I am going to try and make some races at and take part in the season Finale at Le Mans in November which will team me up with my F1 teammate and co-driver of our P4 effort at the 24H of Le Mans!

Thats it for now.. keep the fenders on the car and you'll make the finish!

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24H finished

June 13, 2010, 11:10:14 AM by James.

The race has ended but due to a server issue the times between the 2 logs need to be added for the final positions.

Prior to the controlled server break we (R2D2 Racing) were running P3 overall. At the end of the 2nd session we were 7th. Once they are added together we hope that we are between P4-P5.. absolutely perfect drive! We only had a small incident but nothing that really hurt the car badly at all.. so happy right now! All the time and effort that went in paid off!

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Watch the 24H English live stream here!

June 11, 2010, 10:00:10 PM by James.

Removed live stream link.

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